Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still Alive

We've just been busy.

Friday night- 45 minutes of crying then sleep.

Saturday- Mike's Bday! It was like 100 degrees out, we went to Whole Foods and picked up an AMAZING New York Cheesecake for Mike, then we walked to REI to find a gift. We ended up with a Marmot hoodie. It was a winner! But its hard to find a sweatshirt this time of year AND it is weird buying a sweatshirt when its 100 degrees out. At night we went to Maggianos. Lacey did AMAZING! She was so happy, and ate her pasta and bread with no mess and then only fussed when it was time to leave. Time it took lacey to fall asleep: 35 minutes.

Sunday- HOT AGAIN. I wore a sweater to church because I am usually freezing during the service. When I walked in my friend was like "how are you wearing a sweater?!?" I said the AC always makes me freeze. Her response..."there is no air conditioner" WHAT?!? YEAH IT WAS WARM. Plus I was drinking HOT tea. We had friends over for dinner that night. Time it took Lacey to fall asleep: 1 hour 30 minutes....

Monday- Mike was off again so we just bummed around and ran errands. The hot spell broke and I think the high was like 68 or something. We picked blackberries on the bike trail, came home put lacey to bed (cried for 5 MINUTES!!!!!) and then drank chai and ate cheesecake while watching the Olympics/The Hills season premiere (my husband likes it just as much as I do). I ended up throwing it all up though : (

That's all we've been up to.

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Rose C said...

Sounds like fun! Except for the crying and throwing up!